Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Great Political Tomato Battle

Are you sick of politicians hurling insults at each other? Have you had enough of the media’s frenzied coverage of the upcoming presidential election? Do you secretly harbor a fantasy in which ignorant, lying politicians from both parties spontaneously ignite, leaving behind only a puff of sulfurous smoke?

Believe me, you are not alone. I, personally, trust zero politicians, and I have reached the point where I question whether or not this great American republic is going to last for another generation. Increasingly higher taxes, socialized medicine, unrestricted IRS and Homeland Security powers, outrageous government waste, and a continuing prohibition on drugs are just a few of the issues that the people of our country are facing today. We cannot renounce our citizenship and leave the country without giving our money to the IRS, we have to jump through hoops to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights, and many politicians feel the need to propose legislation that will keep our children from learning science in favor of religious myth, and our women from getting the medical care they need when they have been raped. The government is insidiously seeping into all areas of our personal lives, and it needs to be stopped.

Will either of the two major candidates do anything to restore our personal freedoms and reduce the amount of money the government takes from us? I doubt it. I don’t like either of my options, and I’m tired of listening to the rhetoric. So I suggest this alternative from Spain as a solution to the obnoxious squabbles and the “he said-she said” arguments. Vote “yes” if you want to see a “Great Political Tomato Fight” on CNN next week!