Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Engineering Epic Fail

I think high-end cameras are stupid. I mean your typical Nikons and Canons and such. You know, the pricier ones with the changeable lenses.  SLRs and such. Now, I don't mean the device itself is stupid, or that buying or owning one is stupid... I mean that the design of these cameras is stupid.

Why in the world are we still scrunching our noses up against the back of the camera, often smudging the color display, to squint through the viewfinder? The camera companies figured this out for the little point-and-shoot jobs a long time ago.  I don't think you can even find one with a glass viewfinder anymore. But the big boys still have them.  This wide-body design is a holdover from the days when the roll of film had to spread across the back of the camera lens.  But we don't use film anymore. Today's college graduates have probably never even seen a real film camera. And yet, the nose gets scrunched as we go for that perfect shot.

They figured it out for video cameras. Same technology, better shape. Heck... Keep the old-timey shape... Just extend the viewfinder like they do on video cameras... presto! No nose oil smeared on the LCD display.  Even in the old film days, why didn't they just put the viewfinder on the bottom of the camera instead of the top?  That would have been much better.

Why don't they ever ask me about these kinds of things? They should just check with me first and save themselves a lot of embarrassment.

Thanks to guest blogger Chris Scullion for this amusing article!


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