Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reading is...well...fundamental

I do love to read. Now that I'm in control of my addiction to Mafia Wars, all I want to do with my spare time is read. I have bookshelves packed full of hardcovers and paperbacks, and piles of books littering my desk, chairs, and floor. Unfortunately, those aren't the books I'm reading. I will get to them at some point, at least that's what I tell Chris. But really, I'm hooked on my Kindle.

I have a Kindle, the Kindle app on my iPad and my iPhone, and I am deliriously happy. I can read the same book wherever I happen to be, using whichever device I happen to have. I don't even have to search for my page; all of these pieces of hardware automatically sync with each other and with my computer. I tend to read several books at a time, but with these magical devices, I can carry all of them: the classic I'm determined to read at last (e.g. 1984); a textbook on teaching strategies; and the latest vampire romance.

So you've gathered that I like my Kindle and you're wondering how on earth I can afford the hundreds of books stored on it already. Here's my secret: www.pixelofink.com
Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink collects the Kindle books that Amazon is giving away for a limited time, and sends you an e-mail or posts on your FB page, and also posts them on the Pixel of Ink webpage. You can "purchase" any of these books for free from Amazon and have them delivered to your Kindle in seconds. Of course, not all selections may appeal to you, and some of the free books are admittedly better than others. You really don't have anything to lose by checking them out, though.

Next time, I'm going to introduce you to Goodreads. It's a gigantic book club! You'll adore it.

Happy reading, my friends.