Thursday, October 4, 2012

Important New Health and Safety Tip

So HOW does something like this happen?

In Aberdeen, Scotland earlier this week, a man got his head stuck in a rubbish bin. When I say stuck, I do mean STUCK. A rescue crew had to use heavy-duty tools normally used for cutting people out of vehicles after auto accidents to free the man.

Now, I’ve reached into a trash can once or twice when I’ve accidentally thrown away something that wasn’t actually trash. We all have, right? I’ve read stories about people dumpster diving to find lost wedding rings, and there are frequently news reports of people who have rescued what turned out to be priceless Rembrandt paintings from trash heaps. However, this gent in Scotland went far past this point. It’s a pretty serious situation when you have to be rescued from a trash bin with the jaws-of-life.

If we think education in the United States is lacking, what can we surmise about the education in Scotland? Did no one ever tell the 52-year-old man that sticking his head in a rubbish bin is a bad idea? We tell small children not to push beans up their noses, but have you ever heard someone tell you not to wedge your head into a rubbish bin? Obviously, Scottish schools need to add this important bit of health information to their curriculum immediately.

So what was so important to this man that he had to go down a rubbish bin after it? Was it the winning million dollar lottery ticket? Was it a stash of illegal drugs that he had placed in the bin for safe-keeping? Was it a priceless family heirloom pocket watch? We don’t actually know, although reporters in Aberdeen believe it might have been a cigarette. Huh?


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