Monday, October 1, 2012

Who's the head of this household?



“I put the leash on Wreck, but he won’t go outside.”

“Well, it is raining pretty hard.”

“I know, but who ever heard of a dog that refuses to go for a walk?”

“Maybe he’s smarter than other dogs. I wouldn’t go for a walk in this weather either.”

“Don’t you want to go walkies, Wreck?” I crooned.

Wreck looked out at the rain, then up at me. He took a step back.

I sighed. Wreck and I had sloshed through the rain last night, and had gotten completely soaked and cold. He knew better than to do it again tonight, and yet here I was, trying to force him to walk with me.

“Fine, we won’t go. Chris?”

“Yes, Vicki?”

“You’ll have to get up and let this dog out when he has to pee at 2 AM since he won’t go out now.”

“That hardly seems fair.”

“Not my problem. I suggest you address all complaints to the dog. He’s obviously in charge.”